You can hire Robert to work out of any recording studio in Los Angeles, or on location. Rates depend on studio selected and project scope. For project proposals please submit a form under the "Contact" tab. 


Track editing is a key step in preparing a recording for the mix phase, and ensuring the mix engineer will be able to easily navigate through the session and work efficiently. Audio editing includes general Pro Tools session organization, and also tasks such as creating comp tracks, vocal/instrument tuning, drum alignment/quantizing, or drum sample replacement. 


All mixes include balancing track volume, placing tracks within different areas of the stereo field, adding character to tracks lacking personality, and reducing abrasive tracks that are clouding up the mix. Mixing ensures that each track has room to breathe and finds its own space in the stereo field and frequency spectrum to shine. That being said, mixing is all about context. If your song is a beautiful Jazz ballad, maintaing the dynamics and tone of the original recording is crucial. On the other hand, if your song is a House track meant to be played in the club, there has to be a completely different approach to the mix.